Early Years Dance

Joy in Motion is one of the few licensee’s of Queensland Ballet’s Petit Pointers program. Set within a framework of storytelling, exploration and artistic play, Petit Pointers encourages each child to develop personal expression and greater confidence. At the end of each term, your child will have succeeded in developing some of the early foundational skills of ballet. Download our Petit Pointers information pack here:

Early Years Information Pack 2019


Primary Classes

We offer ballet classes for students in Prep-Year 6. These classes are designed to be highly engaging, whilst developing the fundamental ballet technique. These classes assist in developing children’s gross and fine motor skills, as well as build resilience and greater confidence. Download our Primary information pack here:

Primary Information Pack 2019


Adult Classes

Coming soon! Watch this space.


Why Ballet?

Many people ask us about offering other styles of dance, and although in the future we probably will, ballet develops the key building blocks that allow children to thrive in any style.

Ballet is the foundation of all dance. 

Truly, if you’re looking to offer your child the best start in life, enrol them in ballet. It’s a beautiful art form that helps to develop coordination, mental dexterity and individual confidence.

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Next Steps…

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